Saturday, February 20, 2010


GOD Almighty..

Seconds Before It Happens
You know all that has happened
Without doubtful, clear, All Not Missed
Please Forgive Me Wrong
All People Who Have One
Thank charity all people who give it
Of All The People You

GOD Almighty..

It's Revolving seconds
Know Yourself I am sure all Who's There
Without Lost, Without Confusion
Without dunno
Who's Who Obedience to You
Who's Who treasonous to You
Please Make Me Myself And Your man
Obedience without a second to You the treasonous
Although Without Me Please, Know Yourself All my willingness

GOD Almighty..

Seconds Seconds Later
All you must Know What Will Happen
Please Make Me Beautiful For me
To Everything Only
I am sure that "Ud'uuni Astajiblakum" Keep it Applicable!

This evening I'm Glad

I have gold jewelry
Sometimes I keep meeting in the liver
When will I give all of you
I'm afraid to poo

I've got diamonds
It hesitated when mixed
When will still keep my
I doubt there is no right to pursue

I have four parts of the heart
Flower virtuous all
I went to meet a lover's heart
I had enough in the world

I'm glad this evening